by Janet Hardy-Gould

Graded readers for learners of English

Oxford Dominoes


Sinbad the Sailor has amazing adventures at sea before finally returning to Baghdad as an older, wiser man.

Oxford Dominoes

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves

Ali Baba finds a thieves’ treasure cave and becomes rich – but things go wrong.

Oxford Dominoes


The Emperor calls men to join the army. Mulan’s father is too old, so Mulan puts on men’s clothes.

Oxford Dominoes

The Great Fire of London

It’s 1666. A small fire starts in a London baker’s shop, and soon starts to spread.

Oxford Dominoes

Crying wolf and other tales

A shepherd boy tells a lie to the local villagers. But what happens next?

Oxford Dominoes


Young Merlin learns that he has enemies, so he begins to use his magic powers against them.

Oxford Dominoes

The Travels of Ibn Battuta

Ibn Battuta tells his nephew Ahmed about his incredible adventures.

Oxford Dominoes


Hercules is the world’s strongest man. He needs to do twelve tasks, but can he finish them all?

Oxford Dominoes

From the earth to the moon

In 1865, a group of men plan to travel to the Moon. Will they succeed?

Oxford Dominoes

Sherlock Holmes: The Emerald Crown

There’s a mysterious case of a disappearing crown. Only Sherlock Holmes can find the answer.

Oxford Dominoes

Journey to the West

A young monk must fetch holy writings from India. How will he and his helpers survive the journey?

Oxford Bookworms library

Henry VIII and his Six Wives

After Henry’s death, his sixth wife finds a box. Inside there are letters – one from each of his wives.

Oxford Bookworms Library

King Arthur

Who will pull the sword from the stone and become the next King of England?

Oxford Bookworms Library

Ellis Island: Rosalia's Story

Rosalia looks back at her dangerous voyage from Sicily to New York.

Oxford Bookworms Library

Amelia Earhart

‘I want to learn to fly,’ says young Amelia Earhart. But it’s the 1920s and flying is dangerous.

Oxford Bookworms Factfiles

San Francisco

People came to San Francisco to find gold in the 1840s, now they come to see the wonderful sights.

Oxford Bookworms Factfiles

Marco Polo and the Silk Road

Marco Polo grows up hearing stories of incredible adventures and becomes one of the world’s greatest travellers.

Oxford Bookworms Factfiles


Hollywood began life as a small village. Today, it’s the most famous place in movie history.

Oxford Bookworms Factfiles


Follow the story of chocolate from the forests of Central America hundreds of years ago up until today.

Oxford Bookworms Factfiles


Look carefully and you will see that deserts are full of amazing plants and creatures.

Oxford Time Trekkers

Columbus's First Voyage

Christopher Columbus sets off on a long voyage to discover new lands. 

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